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Sports Betting In India

Today, sports betting sites in India found all over the Internet, but previously it seemed that sports betting india was a thing of the past. Country to the last hindered the inhabitants to realize their gambling, but finally they had to give in and today sports betting in India is legal.

Horseracing and even cockfighting are very popular. But hardly any sport can compete with cricket.

Did you know that gambling was banned as far back as 1867 and the law hasn't been changed since then. The country is unofficially called a "betting colony" and all the international operators are fighting for its market. And Melbet wasn't left aside.

Back when India was the crown jewel of the British Empire, simply put, the most profitable colony, a law was passed in 1867. Betting business, which even in the distant metropolis was not quite on its feet, was banned. Needless to say, other gambling, which brought money, also fell under the government's radar. And the ban also applied to visiting any gambling establishments. Not much has changed since then on the legislative level except that in 1998 the lottery was allowed and it brings good money to the treasury.

All the attempts to ban have failed.

Is betting legal in India? 

Yes. Country is used to keeping everything under control but bookmaking turned out to be out of their power. All the attempts to block bets didn't lead to anything and frankly these attempts bring not much effect in a world where electronic wallets are outside the control. Betting elementary if there are ways to pay and withdraw money. Indians with money know no problem with this, enrolling en masse in payment systems. Not only UK bookmakers, but also Asian monsters are fighting for their money and souls.

Many indian sports betting sites are ready to accept bets from their customers. That said, Melbet is one of the first to provide this opportunity

Popular sporting events

Now about what Indians prefer to bet on. Cricket is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the country. Cricket, which originated in Britain, has conquered all the colonies but in India, it has become a national treasure and attracts millions of fans. Just as Europe frantically bet on soccer, Hindus don't miss a chance to bet on cricket. It is the clear number one for the country's bettors.

Next up are field hockey and soccer. As for the latter, they prefer to choose the distant European soccer for betting. Tennis and the local game kabaddi, little-understood by Europeans, but very popular among fans and betting fans in India. If we talk about bet india races, they gather thousands of people and force them to disconnect from any important business. Few people in this country experience more adrenaline than during the races. If you're wondering if you'll get a chance to bet on this and other sports, then don't worry, betting IPL will always accept your bet.Horses, cricket and of course gambling are simply adored by all Indians and therefore many bookmakers set high odds on them. The chances of winning are always there. But you don't even need to be a sports guru to make money with Melbet. If you decide to earn with us, join our affiliate program and start earning high commissions today.

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