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Legal sports betting places in India

If you were previously interested in betting, you probably know that sports betting legal in India. However, there is one caveat worth making here. The government of this country has clearly defined its position on betting by declaring it illegal. Therefore, in order to avoid problems with the law, you will first need to find places where sport betting is legal.

In this article you will get the answer to the question where can I bet on sports online legally?

Andhra Pradesh

Since 1974 all gambling has been forbidden here. This is officially the point of view of the authorities, but in fact you can always bet on horse races, play the state lottery or bet on other sporting events, such as rammy. Even if caught betting illegally, you could get away with a small fine, so it is generally possible to bet here.


If you are looking for where is online sports betting legal, You should definitely not forget about Goa. As in the rest of India, gambling and lotteries are officially banned here, but in fact you can always bet at a land-based casino and even use the services of special casino boats. Although there were only 7 such land-based casinos in 2011, today the number has increased several times over and there are always options to bet on.


It would be naive to think that a major Indian state with a population of nearly 62 million people would stand apart from betting. However, there's an important clarification, because before, when we talked about sports betting to legal countries, was reminded of India and the state of Karnataka. Today, however, the state government has tightened control over betting and gambling. But, as practice shows, this has never stopped experienced and gambling bettors, so the opportunities for betting remain here.


Still looking for countries where sports betting is legal? Be sure to visit India. Yes, it was not you, we remembered exactly about India. Although the authorities of this country in the past have shown their unfriendliness towards betting, today it is safe to bet on the lottery or on horse racing. The state government is beginning to treat gambling with understanding, of course, to the extent reasonable. And while it's almost impossible to find legal sports betting sites, government cannot in any way prohibit its residents to bet over the Internet, and it does not really try to do so. By the way, this state is home to the largest cricket stadium in India.


Where is online sports betting legal? In Sikkim. This state has gone so far as to attempt to fully legalize all gambling on the Internet with compulsory licensing. Applications for licensing were sent one after another, and it is known that this license includes the possibility of betting on the most popular sports such as soccer, cricket, rugby, horse racing and so on. It is worth mentioning that there are only 600,000 people living in this state, but they love gambling, sports competitions and betting so much that their excitement and initiatives are simply unstoppable.

Tamil Nadu

Want to see a real cockfight and even bet on the winner? In that case, your way is definitely to this state. The government has repeatedly banned these competitions, but it was more to do with the abuse of animals, in this case male roosters, rather than people showing excitement. And as you have probably guessed, these bans did not stop the locals in any way.

Classic Indian games such as Tin Patty and Rummy are also popular in this state. And of course, one of the attractions of this state is one of the most beautiful hippodromes in India Ooty.

Uttar Pradesh

This state has the largest number of inhabitants of all the states of India - almost 200 million. There is no doubt that many of them must be visiting legal sports betting websites. The number of people who want to bet and gamble here simply breaks all records, and given the government ban, it is easy to guess that the number of cases related to illegal betting is very high here. The people of this state have repeatedly demanded that the government legalize gambling as soon as possible, and it seemed that the government even listened to the people and planned to build a casino near the Taj Mahal, but it did not move beyond the discussions.

West Bengal

Betting on sports is officially illegal here. But does anyone enforce these bans? You can always bet on soccer and cricket here.

Now you know for sure where is sport betting legal in India. Now let's say a few words about the sites where you can bet. Almost all known bookmakers offer to bet on sport events in India, but not every company can offer such high odds, a wide list of sport events you can bet on, comfort and the highest quality of service, which is capable of Melbet company.

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