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It’s better to drive traffic to a specific event

better to drive traffic to a specific event

The high popularity of sports and the development of the betting market have led to the fact that betting has become one of the most promising niches of affiliate marketing. Arbitrators who have mastered this vertical successfully produce traffic for bookmakers' offices and earn high profits. Today different sources of traffic are used for working with betting offers. One of the most effective is push notifications.

When choosing an affiliate program or an affiliate network, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • The model of cooperation with partners and the size of commissions. In the betting vertical, affiliate programs and SRA networks most often offer two cooperation models to their affiliates: SRA (pay per action) and RevShare (revenue sharing between the advertiser and webmasters). In some cases, a hybrid (mixed) model that combines the above-mentioned formats is chosen for financial charges;
  • The name of the brand being promoted. The best way to convert offers from bookmakers who are on the ear has a good reputation and solvency;
  • Availability of advertising materials. If the advertiser will be ready to provide affiliates with all the necessary creatives, then you will save yourself from unnecessary worries about the development of promotional materials;
  • Geo coverage. Some affiliates, for various reasons, do not accept popular traffic from certain countries;
  • Reviews and reviews. The affiliates' opinions about this or that affiliate program can be found on thematic forums. Keep in mind that reviews are always subjective. A variety of affiliate program reviews are available on various sites devoted to affiliate marketing or gambling.

Another important factor to consider when choosing an offer is the attractiveness of the betting site for your visitors. It's all about the betting line, the available payment methods, the size of the odds, the availability of bonuses, etc.

It's worth drive traffic to important sports in 2021:

  • There is a wide range of betting traffic sources, which means that even a novice businessman can find a suitable option and test the hypothesis. 
  • Dumping traffic into betting is more affordable in terms of the budget than many verticals.
  • Betting is not as stifled as, for example, casino advertising (gambling), gray or black offers. Many BKs are officially allowed in different countries.
  • There are always a lot of references in betting. In many verticals, there are cases when an arbitrator comes and does not know what to do, in betting everything is much easier. There are plenty of examples of successful and not-so-successful advertising to base your hypotheses on. 

Affiliates working in the betting vertical can count on a fairly high permanent income. To succeed in this vertical, it is necessary to choose the right affiliate, seo traffic sources, generate original creatives, and carry out timely advertising activity. Another point that increases the competitiveness of an arbitrator is to understand the specifics of this industry and interest in the latest changes in it.

Melbet Affiliates 

Let's start with the most important thing: webmasters in this affiliate can receive up to 40% of commission if they bring a lot of clients. The standard rate is 25%, if you bring in 100 accounts, the manager will increase it to 30% and so on.

At the moment about 5000 people work with the affiliate program. As we were told by the representatives of the office, the monthly income of webmasters starts from $20 000 and reaches millions for the most successful webmasters. The coverage area of the bookmaker's office - the whole world, except for some countries. This allows you to go practically anywhere, discovering entire countries with big profits.

Instructions for Melbet partners

Everything is clear with affiliate links - it is absolutely common for CPA networks. You can place a link in any advertising system or bind it to a banner on your website. If you want to attract free traffic from sources in which you cannot place a clickable link, a promo code will be an excellent substitute. A promo code is a unique word for each webmaster, which can be entered by the client during registration, and then the system will automatically link the client to this webmaster to transfer the commission to him. This approach makes it possible to attract organic traffic even from unusual places, up to and including guerrilla marketing.

Details and benefits buying traffic on Melbet:

  • Over 200 LIVE events daily.
  • 1000 sports events on the lineup.
  • 24-hour support service.
  • You can deposit cash at Melbet betting shops or use electronic payment methods. 
  • Betting company Melbet in many sports provides a large number of additional bets on a particular betting event: the course of the game, which team will score the first goal, the victories in between, bets on statistics (yellow and red cards, fouls, etc.).
  • In individual sports such as cycling, golf, athletics, skiing, etc., in addition to betting on wins, there are always bets on the comparison of the two athletes and the ranking in the competition.


For the laziest Melbet created many promotional materials, which can be found in the cabinet webmaster, but they are not required to use - the bookmaker's office allows the use of any materials and ads that do not contradict the real policy of the company.

Advantages of the offer:

  • Fixed payout. 
  • Creative converting.
  • Responsive operators.
  • A wide range of accepted traffic.
  • High demand in the market.

MelBet Affiliates program will suit both beginners and professionals - its user-friendly interface, wide GEO and regular payouts make Melbet one of the best betting’s offers in the world.

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