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How to Choose a Gambling Affiliate Program

Through affiliate programs, companies delegate sales and advertising to those who can and want to do it. The partner places a special link on their project. If they click on it and take a targeted action, the partner will receive a reward. Usually, the reward (commission) depends on the amount of the order, but some affiliate programs pay for registration and first payment. What does the casino affiliate program pay for? 

How to choose a gambling affiliate program? 

What's more, it helps establishments generate revenue by "borrowing" an audience from an affiliate network. That's why every gambling establishment today has an affiliate program to support its efforts in attracting new depositing players. So, work with gambling affiliate programs is very popular today.

Which gambling affiliate program should you choose:

1. CPA, aka cost per action. Payment is charged for certain actions on the advertiser's website. The system works well in conjunction with targeted advertising. This short payback period and there are often new operating costs. Payouts are directly dependent on geo.

2. Revenue Share, aka RevShare. Profitable in long-term campaigns and works better with organic traffic, particularly on SEO sites. Webmaster earns a certain percentage of the advertiser's revenue, which brought him traffic by the results of the offer. 

3. Hybrid - a mixed model of CPA and RevShare. This format is connected on individual terms and, under certain circumstances, allows profiting from one player on two models at once.

Many gambling CPA have unlicensed offers. And the choice of traffic sources for such offers is severely limited. Contextual advertising, targeting in social networks, some banner networks immediately fall away. And the traffic from buks, which newbies often try to pour in, is not accepted in all gambling affiliate sites.

The best affiliate programs: starting work and benefits

The profitable gambling affiliate offers unprecedented advantages for the market. In addition, CPA networks have advantages that help improve conversion rates:

White label. For example, in the Travelpayouts affiliate program, you can embed flight and hotel search forms on the pages of your project. After filling in the fields, the user will remain on the subdomain of the site they are viewing.

Banners. No need to spend money on designers' services - choose a banner and insert its code.

Deeplink. The tool allows you to generate affiliate links to different pages of the site. For example, you can send the user not to the category, but directly to the product card. This will increase the conversion if the offer is relevant to the interests of the user.

Detailed statistics. Sorted by period, the number of targeted actions, the amount on hold (time to confirm the target action affiliate before withdrawing the money webmasters).

Technical support. A personal manager or consultant in online chat will help to solve problems.

The main one is working with the direct advertiser, a brand with 20 years of experience in gambling on the global market. In addition to the high conversion rate, the arbitrator also gets access to a wide range of geo, all types of gambling on the same account, bonuses, and individual loyalty programs, as well as authoring localized content that can be used.

You can start working in the affiliate program immediately after registration. It is necessary to enter the basic data into the form, after which they are sent to the manager for verification. Even during this period, the arbitrageur has access to helpdesk services. After verification, the partner gets access to a personal cabinet with an intuitive interface and the necessary tools. 

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