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How to become an online casino partner

How to become a Melbet partner

Like almost any other commercial project, online casinos work with affiliate networks. Using armies of webmasters as marketers collecting traffic is very profitable. This allows you to make money online gambling. The conditions of such cooperation are extremely pleasant. All because you can pour practically any traffic to the gambling offerers. And if you find a loyal player, he can feed you for years.

How to make money at the casino on online casino partner:

  • Payment for the registration of a new player - a one-time payment, usually for effective registration (making a deposit).
  • Percent of casino profits from all of the players brought by the partner - this model provides a share from losses. The more the loser bets a player makes, the more you get. Of course, in the case of a successful game, you do not get anything. A few wealthy people who bet for fun can generate a good income.
  • Percentage of players' deposits - not all affiliate sites are ready to share their deposits. After all, deposits may be made by successful players. From the perspective of the casino, this strategy may be unprofitable.
  • Mixed rate - as a rule, individual agreements. Large webmasters and brokerages can negotiate with the casino privately. Receiving both a percentage of losses and a certain fixed fee for registration, reduce the risks.

Understanding casino affiliate payouts helps you get started earning money faster with an affiliate program, so it's important to remember all of the payouts.

Online casino partner of Melbet

The bookmaker Melbet is a brand known all over the world. The affiliate program plays an important role in promoting the services - any webmaster can invite new users and get 25% of the company's profit. Let's see how the referral program works, how much Melbet pays its affiliates, and how it helps them to invite more players.

Melbet uses a traditional marketing system for betting companies. The company itself is engaged in expanding its product line and improving its quality, connecting new gambling operators, developing promotions, promotions, special offers. It is also engaged in the promotion, but the main task here is performed by the partners. Partners - Internet businessmen who invite new users through social networks and websites. The company helps its partners: gives tips on how to improve conversion rate, provides promotional materials, helps to place effective links.

Melbet affiliate program

How to motivate players to register? Melbet online casino affiliate program implies obligatory registration. It is as easy as opening an account on the main site - the only difference is that you should specify your website/blog address, preferred language, and payment method as well as your contact details. Melbet also warns you that personal information may be passed on to affiliates, so you need to agree to the data processing policy before opening an account.

Melbet partners guarantee weekly payments, high commission percentage, and obligatory providing participants with all the necessary promotional materials to be placed on the site/blog. In other words, you cannot be afraid of being left without information support. At the same time, BK strictly defines the list of banned promotion methods, which include aggressive spamming and cookie-stuffing. It is recommended to resort to the following methods:

  • Search engine promotion;
  • Attracting traffic from social networks;
  • Buying traffic, etc.

The main goal of a Melbet affiliate is to attract new members. The more sub-partners you bring, the higher your final income will be. The minimum stipulated by the rules is 25% of BM's profit, but the most active Melbet partners can expect withdrawals up to 40%.

Let us remind you that before you join the affiliate program it is advisable to create your account on the Melbet website. The procedure itself is very simple and does not imply the need to visit land-based betting offices. You will need:

  • Go to the main page of the portal;
  • Click on the registration link in the top right corner;
  • Choose one of the offered ways to create an account;
  • Specify the requested data.

When thinking about where to advertise a casino affiliate, start with the easiest sources of traffic. This can be teaser networks and other cheap platforms. Work with different sources. Try fundamentally different approaches to creating advertising campaigns. To begin with, pay attention to casino affiliate sites with payment for registration. Because Revenue Share is a very long-term and risky project. The only way of trial and error will lead you to success in the field of gambling. Your best bet here is Melbet.


The Melbet Affiliate program is the best way to earn money in the field of gambling and entertainment games. How to make money gambling? Casino offer a stable and legal online business option, which includes the participation of your entertainment portal or website in our network. Several hundred webmasters are already making money on it. You only need to bring a player into the system once, and you will receive constant royalties from all his expenses in the casino.

Advantages of Melbet Affiliate:

  • RevShare earnings from 25%;
  • Support around the clock;
  • Weekly withdrawal of affiliate commission;
  • Unique design to attract eSports traffic;
  • Shave protection.

You will not encounter a rogue affiliate anymore, as working with Melbet will open up new opportunities for you. The Melbet Casino affiliate program offers you an improved model for collecting statistics, which is designed with web specialists in mind. Getting started with gambling traffic is simple. It is intuitive, comfortable, and easy to use.

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