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Greatest midfielders of all time

Midfielders are the backbone of any team's training in center field. They can effectively build any attack from the opponent's side. In addition, they have also helped break down the defense of any opponent. Not only do they help the strikers and forwards, but they also take long-range shots right into the crossbar. Now there are several different positions a midfielder can play. A midfielder can act in several positions, from box-to-box to deep, depending on the final formation. And here are the best football midfielders in the world right now.

Midfielders in football

The next line in defense is the midfielders. Halfbacks are placed between the strikers and defenders, and their playing role changes depending on the situation and strategy towards attack and defense. Their traditional numbers are 6-8.

The central midfielder gathers all the qualities typical for this position. They are endurance, strength, high speed, reading the game, good interception, leading, and passing skills. His main task is to catch the ball and from the first movement to start the attack. Because of the breadth of capabilities of this type of midfielder in football, they are distinguished by the following types:

  1. The defensive midfielder. He is also a wave cutter, shuttlecock, wheeler, or lock. His specificity is defense, namely blocking and pressing attacking players before they meet defenders. They can also intercept the ball and organize a counterattack. All this requires a player of incredible endurance, physical development, and technical expertise. The best holding midfielders are Dunga, Gilberto Silva, and Claude Makelele.
  2. Attacking midfielder. He creates scoring chances to ensure a goal or he can strike on his own. In certain tactical schemes, the role of the attacking midfielder is combined with the tangential striker, which led to the term "dispatcher" and "number ten". Because the position of this player on the court has the ability to act independently and to make a wide range of passes. The best midfielders in this position are Kaka, Zico, Pele, and Michel Platini. There is also the concept of the false ten. 
  3. The suspended playmaker. A playmaker in football is a creator of the game. His job is to set up his team's offense while playing at the position of full-back but not intercepting the ball. Players who play in this position are midfielders, such as Xabi Alonso, Andrea Pirlo, and Josep Guardiola.

Top 7 best midfielders of all time

Midfielders have been one of the central point guard positions since the beginning of international football. From Zidane to Ronaldinho, some of the best soccer midfielders of all time were in this position in their prime. And here are the best right midfielders of all time of 2021.

№1 Toni Kroos

Real Madrid currently has their own supporting midfielder, which is Toni Kroos. In Germany, Kroos gradually grew into a high-class midfielder, whose distinctive abilities were the ability to read and lead the team's game. The German does not have to run much on the field, his ability to be in the right place and give a precise pass is irreplaceable for any club in the world. It is safe to say that Bayern made a mistake by selling the player for just 25 million euros. In the national team the player is also in a leading role, with it he became world champion in 2014.

№2 N'Golo Kante

The French holding the best midfielder ever was a revelation in 2015 with his team, Leicester City, which sensationally won the English championship. N'Golo Kante has often been ranked among the best central midfielders of all time. The following season the player moves to Chelsea, where he again wins the Premier League and is recognized as the best player of the team and the championship. As part of the national team, he won silver - Euro 2016 and won the 2018 World Cup. All of these club and national team successes would not have been possible without N'Golo Kante, who is celebrated for his flawless play on every part of the football field.

№3 Michael Carrick

This footballer belongs to the famous soccer midfielders. Michael spent most of his career with Manchester United and won every trophy possible with them. Alex Ferguson's Manchester United had many great players, but Michael's last name is not mentioned very often. Carrick can be classified as a "workhorse", doing a lot of draft work and being able to connect to attacks when needed.

№4 Roy Keane

Another Manchester United full-back from the Sir Alex era. He was arguably one of the toughest players in the world. His most famous act took place in a match against Manchester City when Roy took revenge on his abuser Holland so that the latter had to end his career. In addition to opponents, Roy Keane was also hurt by his teammates. He is on the list of the best midfielders in soccer. We still hear some tough quotes from him, for example, in the direction of the Mancunians goalkeeper David De Gea.

№5 Xabi Alonso

Wherever Xabi Alonso played, he was a real key figure at his club. The footballer worked with various famous coaches such as Benitez, Mourinho, Guardiola. The midfielder was an inseparable link between defense and offense. His goals and assists from the center of the field delighted the viewer. And his number of trophies may be the envy of any footballer. Now Alonso coaches the second team of Real Sociedad.

№6 Gennaro Gattuso

The sportsman is among the top midfielders in soccer. Gennaro Gattuso held the position of full-back at Milan for a long time during the best days of the Italian Serie A. Watching him play, fans coined the player's nickname "The Watchdog", for his defiant play in rebounding the ball. The Gattuso-Pirlo link-up was one of the strongest in the league at the time. In Milan, the player twice wins the Champions League and the Italian championship. In 2012 he moved to Sion, where he spent his last season as a player. The player is now the coach of Napoli.

№7 Michael Essien

The Ghanaian supporting midfielder has been noted for his good physical attributes since the beginning of his career, which allowed him to become one of the best in the English Premier League in his position. During his career, he won the French championship, the English championship, and the Champions League. 

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