Promotion, Tools

We have implemented a new traffic management system. Traffic redirection systems using a redirection link ensure stable access to the betting site. Your redirection link will always lead players to an unblocked alternative betting company domain if the main site is blocked by internet providers. It will also redirect customers to an accessible domain in the event of server faults or high server load. The redirect will help avoid the loss of traffic.

The main methods of attracting targeted traffic are:

– Improving the search engine rankings of your betting-related websites.

– Creating doorway pages.

– Boosting your social media traffic (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.),

– Buying traffic (arbitration) from advertising networks and directly from website owners.

Traffic from search engines (SEO) is the best for generating revenue. With the right approach you can convert sports traffic and social media traffic into leads, but before you start you need to find out more about SMM. You can also purchase traffic but your success will depend on its quality and on how well you can prepare your website for lead conversions.